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Shay Ijaz
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Pitch-Deck Advice

I don't recall ever seeing a fundraising deck improve by hiring a designer to create it. The same is true when it comes to employing fancy tools like Figma, Keynote,, or Canva. I suggest using Google Slides and keeping things basic. The two misconceptions that founders make are believing that the tools' creative skills result in a superior deck. The second error is to believe that design is vital. The most innovative people work within limits. Your words and stories are your most potent instruments. Clear communication and sympathetic narrative enable a listener to put themselves in the shoes of the person whose problem you are attempting to solve. Real photographs of real people experiencing these issues are the greatest way to visualise this. This is the framework of the finest fundraising decks: 1) Headline that summarises the point you're making 2) 2-4 bullet points that provide proof for the claim you're making 3) Repeat until all conclusions have been addressed. 4) Wrap this in a compelling tale - connect the slides with a story. 5) Use real images whenever possible, and if you must use screenshots, zoom in on the element that conveys the tale. The exception to the "don't hire a designer rule" is when the entrepreneur is a designer themselves. They understand what is crucial about this business that no one else will.
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