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Our community is focused on fostering mutual growth and success in the entrepreneurial journey. Whether seeking seasoned advice, strategic alliances, or operational support from certified practitioners, Ream International is your key to a world of growth opportunities

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Ream’s powerful network of Founders brings together entrepreneurs from each part of the world to connect, share and learn from each other

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Our community of seasoned entrepreneurs and comprehensive information resources help you avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities while learning, growing, and changing to be the greatest founder you can be.

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We help our founders make more thoughtful and insightful decisions.

Our community manager acts as a dedicated liaison, meeting with founders individually to understand their particular needs and aspirations, while optimising the network to work in their favour.

Our advisory founders, who have been chosen as leaders in our community, present informative webinars and events, spearheading our advisory board to stimulate interaction, offer their wealth of knowledge, and create opportunities for fellow founders to benefit from their expertise.

Our business consulting service allows entrepreneurs to enhance their operations by optimising procedures, utilising our partner networks, and integrating cutting-edge technology and services, propelling their enterprises to new heights.

Discover why our Advisory Founder chose to join us

Gain invaluable insights from our chosen Advisory Founder members as they participate in REAM's founder community, generously sharing their expertise, unique obstacles, victorious achievements, lessons learned from mistakes, and major priorities and contributions to our community

As the founder of Comertise I've seen how this platform transforms entrepreneurial journeys by fostering a rich ecosystem of innovative minds. It's not just a network; it's a collective powerhouse where disruptive founders, advisors, and strategic professionals come together, sharing their knowledge and forming meaningful partnerships that lead to mutual growth and success. At Ream, every voice is valued and every challenge met with robust solutions. It's more than just a membership, it's the key to unlocking infinite growth opportunities for any entrepreneur. Join us to fuel your journey to success"

Isaac Sinclair

Founder at Comertise

"As the CEO of Talentware, I can confidently say Ream International has been pivotal to our success. This platform is a vibrant ecosystem of diverse minds, fostering an environment of mutual learning and growth. It's more than a network; it's a catalyst for accelerated growth, strategic partnerships, and entrepreneurial success. Whether you're seeking advice, partnerships, or operational support, Ream International is the key that unlocks a world of possibilities. I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur aiming to elevate their journey"

Giacomo Marchiori

Founder at Talentware

"Having started both a stock brokerage and a successful restaurant business in London, I am excited to make my mark on the REAM community. It's a venue for me to discuss my experiences thus far, both good and bad, the lessons I've learned from working in various fields, and the priorities I've set in order to achieve my goals. I am confident in the ability of shared stories to motivate and push us ahead."

Shah Zaman

Co-Founder Accendo Markets & Going Greek

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